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Cole Beaulieu


Member since 2020



Cole is an artist, animator, musician, creator of Quells Falls, and a co-creator of Mind Fuzz.


A Vermont native, Cole joined Tornada in 2020 after having been a friend of the group for a while, with the Christmas Stream helping bring him closer to the group, eventually becoming a member.   


Cole is responsible for a lot of the original background music and themes in Tornada projects. You may have heard his work in ERIC, Scroungers, Mind Fuzz, and, of course, Quells Falls.    


Cole is also the mind behind Skunk and the Quells Falls comics. 


You may have heard his voice in various Tornada projects, where he plays Trevor in Scroungers, Kevin in Quells Falls, and various characters in other projects.


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Contact: [email protected]


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