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Hello everyone! While I’m taking a small break today from working on cartoons (and tinkering with my various devices), I figured I’d talk about something that inspires my work just as much as cartoons, and that is music! Everyone loves music, right? Sure hope so, if not, then your life is fucked and soulless. Music can help drive my imagination in many various ways! There’s lots of music out there that helps me visualize an image in my head, and those tend to be my favorite kinds of songs. Songs that can soundtrack a visual in my mind, and can sometimes help me get it out of my mind and onto the canvas.

There’s some artists out there that don’t like listening to music when animating or painting, cause it helps them concentrate easier. I, on the other hand, outside of animating lip sync, am constantly listening to music while animating. Depending on what I’m animating, I put on certain tunes to help get me immersed with what I’m working on. Whether that be Eric, Quells Falls, or my own projects. When I’m reaching for a certain mood in a scene, lets say its a very hectic and hyper scene, I listen to very hectic and hyper music. Or a scene with a moody atmosphere, I like to put on something like The Microphones, Grandaddy, or some sort of slowcore or somber folk, depending on whatever i want the mood of the scene to be.

I have playlists upon playlists on Spotify that are made to either capture a specific mood, or the vibe of what I’m working on. Moody playlist for moody scenes, experimental playlist for abstract or psycho scenes, a “stoner” playlist for potential drug scene scenarios, and many more! I even have a playlist dedicated as a soundtrack for when I’m working on my own cartoon project! The project itself is top secret for now (;D), but the Spotify playlist I’ll link here! Obviously not ALL of these songs will be in the cartoon. These songs just assist me in getting my imagination onto the canvas. The playlist is full of stuff, mostly art punk music, weird music, etc. Shit that totally gets my brained hyped an energized into making some wild drawings.

Check out my playlist here!!

Thank you for reading! And hopefully my playlist will give you the inspiration to visualize some crazy doodles of your own. Better yet, finding more new music you might enjoy that’ll help you in visualizing your own projects and putting them on the canvas!

P.S. If you wanna find music you haven’t heard, try out RateYourMusic’s lists section. Some people poke fun at RYM, but the lists section is really helpful for finding new music you might’ve never been able to find if you were using Spotify. Especially if you’re looking for some hidden gems, Spotify is crap for looking for hidden gems and obscurities.

Ambro out!


2 responses to “The Tunes I Listen To When Art-ing”
  • Sushi says:

    Spotify often doesn’t even try to recommend me albums, I wonder if people who primarily listen to full albums are just that much of a minority on Spotify that the “algorithm” so to speak doesn’t even try to recommend them anymore. Agreed on RYM lists being super useful

  • Claykid says:

    I usually watch TLC reality shows or tech videos when I animate, it’s really rare that I put on music.

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