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Nobody’s written a single blogpost since my last one so to keep the front page from being stuck on that for too long, and while we’re still animating the new Eric episode, here’s a little post about some music I’ve been working on.

If you don’t know, I’m part of a music project called Outward Alien with my friend Mitchell. It’s like pop punk, indie/pop rock stuff. Mitchell plays guitar and I play bass and sing (he also will sing on our album). We were working on an album called Distant Planets from 2021-2023 but it was going nowhere, Mitchell wasn’t ever available to record last year (he had a daughter and was busy with work), it wasn’t cohesive in the slightest, and isn’t very indicative of our current skills, so we decided to completely start over. Same name, just different songs. Here’s some snippets of songs I’ve been working on for it:

Grin And Bear It! (started by Mitchell, finished by me)

Your Empty Head (produced by me, will have vocals by Mitchell)

And here’s a cover of Rockin’ The Suburbs by Ben Folds that we’re gonna put out sometime in the coming months (produced by me)

I went to Arkansas last month, and Mitchell and I actually shot a little guerilla vlog-style music video for Your Empty Head which will release in August when he comes to visit for a blink-182 concert (he’s gonna get his vocals tracked along with his guitar parts on tracks I produced when he comes).

We’ll also be shooting a music video for Rockin’ The Suburbs as well.

Aside from Outward Alien I’ve also been working on some background music for a German indie short film, created by MovieMaximum (@diepferdefresse) on Twitter. Here’s one of the tracks:

I’ll also be doing a sort of hard psychedelic rock track for it, along with other tracks if he wants ’em. It’s really fun doing music work for someone, I really never get to do that. And it’s paid :smugdogcookie:

Some small issues have gotten in the way of the new Eric coming out as quickly as we wanted it to, but that’s no biggie, it’s still coming along pretty quickly. Stay tuned for the animation part of the “Making An Eric” series soon!


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